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About Golf Club Shafts

From the time the first golf balls were whacked around Scottish dunes by crofters in the 1500s until the 1920s, golf club shafts were made of wood. Once the game was imported to the United States in the 1880s, hickory was the hardwood of choice for manufacturing wooden shaft golf clubs, replacing pearwood and applewood that had been popular in Europe. Persimmon was used for golf club heads. When steel, and eventually graphite, arrived to make golf club shafts more durable and longer lasting, wood disappeared from the sport. But not entirely. An organization known as the Society of Hickory Golfersplays golf exclusively with hickory shaft golf clubs. Since a club constructed with a wood shaft is whippier, it requires an especially long swing and smoother tempo to produce quality shots but the players who master the technique can score within a few strokes of players using the new-fangled steel and graphite. As you can imagine it is not easy to find modern golf clubs still constructed from wood. The best place to track down well-crafted wooden clubs is through the network of experienced eBay shippers.

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