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About Golf Cart Parts

You are driving your golf cart through the woods on your property, returning to the house after a day of fixing fences, when you misjudge the distance between your cart and a tree. Broken side mirrors and other golf cart parts are not a travesty, however, because you can always get replacements from the vast inventory of parts found on eBay. From mechanical parts like solenoids and spindles to aesthetic and utilitarian parts like drink cup holders, you cannot expect your golf cart to last forever without a few tune-ups. Even if your golf cart is in fine working order, you might want to improve on the original design with replacements or additions that give you more power or make the ride smoother. Replacing many golf cart parts is a simple do-it-yourself job, though you can always order the parts and take your cart to a professional mechanic. Some electric and gas-powered golf carts are specific to the manufacturer, such as Harley-Davidson or Yamaha, and you can save a bundle by rounding parts up yourself. So get your golf cart back into the swing of things.