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About Golf Cart Batteries

Your golf cart batteries die on the back nine, and then the rains come and the lightning strikes, and you are holding a metal pole. Although they vary in voltage and capacity, most golf cart batteries are designed for deep cycling. This means they run longer before being recharged. Although you should not run your battery down below 20 or 30 percent, charging it too soon is even worse. Shallow cycles cause lead dioxide buildup on the positive plates in clumps, rather than evenly distributing the film, and leading to corrosion. A reliable golf cart battery meter gives you an accurate reading and lets you charge up when it is really needed. This adds years of life to your golf cart batteries. If you already burned through all possible charges, it may be time to refurbish the battery. This is a relatively simple process that restores the electrolytic solution in the battery and provides a few more charges until you can replace the batteries. At that time, you may want to upgrade your golf cart battery cables and switch from factory gauge to a gauge that provide more power and increased performance. Find a vast inventory of batteries, chargers, parts, and accessories for your golf cart on eBay before lightning strikes again.