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About Golf Cards

The trading card universe does not just belong to baseball. In the 1980s, new sports card companies tried manufacturing cards for different sports, and the market started seeing hockey cards, wrestling cards, and golf cards. Donruss was one of the first companies to produce vintage golf cards, which featured action photos of professional stars on the front and personal facts and career highlights on the back. But golf cards fizzled in the sports memorabilia marketplace. As with just about everything in golf, it took the arrival of Tiger Woods in the late 1990s to help popularize golf trading cards. Now you can count on seeing sets of new cards every golf season for men, women, and even the stars of yesterday. The best way to keep track of all the types of golf-related cards is to check in with experienced and knowledgeable sellers on eBay who keep a vast inventory of cards devoted to Tiger Woods and his sport.