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About Golf 6s

You brought home your first child in a Volkswagen Beetle, and saw her tootle away in a VW Bus. Even though those memories remain vivid, you can create new remembrances with a present day VW, the Golf MK6. Volkswagen has passed down the same proud history of excellence with each succeeding Golf model that you can embellish with trim packages available from reliable eBay sellers. A Golf 6 spoiler, styled to fit the roofline, gently slopes air into submission, and may reduce fuel consumption. A lighting package, the Golf 6 LED, provides strategic interior lighting in locations such as the brake and gas pedals, trunk, and glove compartment, as well as the dome light for reading. Adding a sporty grill cover to replace the stock factory version gives your car a new face to meet oncoming traffic. VW owners nod their heads in agreement when hearing "Das Auto," or seeing the Golf MK6, since Volkswagen has been their car for generations.