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About Goldfish

Do you remember your first pet—the pride and joy that came with taking care of your very own pet? Goldfish supplies from a reliable eBay seller are perfect whether you’re a first-time pet owner or not. They are freshwater fish that don’t need treated water or any other special accommodations. Since they’re not picky eaters, feel free to get sinking pellets, floating flakes, shelled peas (cooked), or bloodworms. Who doesn’t appreciate a low maintenance pet? Make sure your tank is large enough, approximately 10 gallons per fish, so that Goldie and her friends have plenty of room to grow and interact with you. They are also intelligent creatures, adapting to their environment as well as developing individual and social behaviors. Goldfish can distinguish one human from another; so, we can certainly form a special and unique bond with them. The colors—they’re not all gold and orange, you know—the fins, the telescoping eyes, and bulbous heads are all part of their charm, not to mention how peaceful they are. Once you’ve got your new goldfish all settled in, make time to sit and relax while watching them swim and bubble around.