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About Gold Testing Kit

Yarrrrrrrrrr, that really hurt. Well, you should have paused and considered that you are not a pirate, that your dentist wouldn't approve of you biting into gold things to determine if they're real gold, and that a gold testing kit is a far more effective way of going about that. There is also the matter that if you ever want to get rid of that gold, it now has a tooth mark in it, which just raises questions. Admittedly, you might have been trying to solve a question, but using an acid-test kit would be a much faster option. Using a combination of chemicals and a known reaction, it lets you check the quality of that gold in a reliable fashion. As with any chemical, there might be a few problems with the strong odors and necessary safety precautions; however, eBay's reliable sellers could help you find a new or pre-owned electronic gold testing kit. A quick touch to the gold you're investigating and a pulse from inside the machine results in an answer to most of your standard questions. Some people find them a bit less reliable, but at least there's no chemical smell involved. So, do yourself a favor. Doubloons aren't a standard of currency anymore, and as a result, your teeth are no longer a viable gold testing kit, unless, of course, the coins you're testing are chocolate ones.