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About Gold Ring Setting

Looking in your jewelry box, you search through your rings for the perfect item to pair with your new outfit, but you cannot find the right piece. If you want to have one of a kind jewelry made especially for you, then a beautiful gold ring setting is the ideal place to start. Simply add your favorite gemstone to create a unique ring that you are proud to wear. White gold ring settings pair well with blue stones, such as aquamarine, because the light metal allows the pale color of the stone to shine through. This setting also goes well with dark stones, like chrome diopside, because the white gold reflects the stone, allowing you to see the fire in the depths that you might not get with other settings. Wear 14k gold ring settings for a high quality, sturdy look. No matter what color or style of gold ring setting you are looking for, the reliable sellers on eBay offer a wide selection for your jewelry box.