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About Gold Nugget Watch

For some folks, an ordinary watch just cannot stand up to their flashy personal style. If you like to have some flash and sparkle on your wrist, a gold nugget watch may be just the right accessory for you. These watches are gold toned, if not actually made from solid gold, and they feature a chunky appearance, as if they are made from small gold nuggets that have been fused together. Instead of the traditional smooth appearance of a metallic wristwatch, these watches are highly textural, with lots of facets that can reflect light. Gold nugget watches typically feature textured bands and cases, but the watch faces themselves are smooth and easy to read. Different brands make watches in this style. For example, you can purchase a Seiko gold nugget watch made by the popular Japanese watchmaking company. No matter which brand makes them, these watches are all united by the stylistic characteristics of textural pieces of gold chunks. There is a vast inventory of gold nugget watches on eBay, including watches designed specifically for men and specifically for women. The women's watches have the same stylistic appearance but tend to be smaller.