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About Gold Locket

Giving a beautiful gift to a loved one is even more special when you purchase a gold locket. In some cases, you can add a beautiful photo of a loved one, or of the two of you together, to the inside of it. In other cases, lockets contain special messages of love or hope. Some of the oldest lockets had hand-painted portraits of loved ones inside of them. Lockets gained popularity after the creation of photography methods such as daguerreotype in the mid-1800s. Though individuals had to sit still for as long as 30 minutes for these photos, they were truly considered valuable works of art. Purchasing an antique gold locket is one option, but more modern choices are available as well. A white gold or an 18k gold locket can even be an investment, especially when the locket includes gemstones. The reliable sellers on eBay offer a variety of lockets to choose from, for everyone from little girls to collectors. Choose a gold locket or two, give them as gifts, and cherish the memories you hold within them.