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About Gold Brooch

You may think of brooches as something old-fashioned, but this jewelry bauble is once again finding its way into many jewelry boxes thanks to new styles and innovative uses. Gone are the days when a gold brooch was simply worn on a lapel or above the heart on your grandmother's sweater. Versatile and fashionable, today's gold brooch can be used in a number of ways. Adding a gold brooch to the knot of your scarf adds a personalized statement to your outfit. On the practical side, you can raise the neckline of a blouse by using a gold flower brooch to pin the sides together, or use it to personalize a purse and bag. A gold pearl brooch can even be used as a hairstyle accent, secured in any stylish "up do" for a special event. The uses for a gold brooch are limited only by your imagination. Find a vast selection of new and vintage gold brooches available from reliable sellers on eBay and start making a fashion statement of your own.