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About Gogos Crazy Bones

Jacks are fine — but while the game may be timeless, it is not a hive of snarling plastic monsters done up in bright primary colors and bolstered by stickers and a collectible card game. Gogos Crazy Bones are collectible plastic figurines with exaggerated, nutty features that are as hideous as they are cute. Gold Gogos Crazy Bones are tins containing the most valuable and sought-after of these figures, cards, and stickers available together in premium packages. Series 1 Gogos Crazy Bones was the first run of monsters and the run includes such oddities as a pop-eyed living aquarium with fishy limbs, a grinning goblin crouched and waiting to somersault into action, and many other unique and memorable beasties. These figurines have a number of playable games connected to them and explored in depth and detail in rule books that come with each set. They are also a fun display items for collectors looking to add a little quirk to a space. You can find Gogos Crazy Bones in the vast inventory of collectibles on eBay.

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