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About Godsmack

If you were listening to the radio at the turn of the century, you probably still have "Voodoo" not only stuck in your head but also included in a playlist somewhere. Boston band Godsmack has been gracing charts since the 1990s with their hypnotic "heavy metal meets hard rock" sound. Fronted by former Stripmind percussionist Sully Erna, this four-man powerhouse has released several studio albums, as well as both a live LP and an acoustic set. Noting Godsmack's myriad influences, including, Alice in chains, Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Rush, and a host of other epic and symphonic dark-tinged rock, Alternative Press describes the band's sound as a "churning, riff-drive hybrid of all that is heavy, past and present." Grammy nominated for more than one single, and winners of the 2001 Billboard Rock Artist of the Year Award, Godsmack remains a household name with the post-grunge hard rock set. Fans of the persistent and prolific group can easily find any new or used Godsmack CD or set on eBay, not to mention Godsmack signed merch and paraphernalia. The '90s were just the beginning, and since the turn of the century, Godsmack and Erna have given fans every reason to keep expecting more.