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About Goalie Mask

One of the most important pieces of hockey equipment is the goalie mask, because goalies consistently get the puck whipped at them at blindingly fast speeds. Just imagine how badly it would hurt if one of those things hit you in the mouth—it could easily knock out all your teeth. For a goalie, choosing the right mask is an expression of personal identity. The crowd in the stands may never see your face, but they will know who you are by your goalie mask. You’ll want a good mask like Bauer or Itech. These particular masks are sturdy enough to keep you safe, but light enough that you can move comfortably. While the base mask that you get on eBay is relatively plain, you can have a custom mask made to let that personality shine through. Some hockey players go for intimidating masks to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents. What opponent wouldn’t be cautious when they are up against someone with a menacing mask? You don’t want to test someone who is bold enough to wear a demonic mask.

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