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About Go Kart Wheels

You zoom left and right through the corners of the track. Your go-kart wheels are spinning smoothly as you overtake the next competitor. A properly maintained go-kart on solid wheels offers an advantage over neglected carts. Racing go-karts are unique, as their transmissions deliver power to the rear axle via a chain instead of using a differential. The lack of a differential requires the chassis of the go-kart to lift one wheel off the ground or just enough so the tire slides across the track while cornering. Magnesium and aluminum go-kart wheels are lighter, and they spin faster than their stock steel counterparts too. Wider wheels allow larger tires to be fitted for more traction on the track. Tire slicks are available for smooth tracks, rain tires are perfect for wet surfaces, and spike tires are used in snowy environments. Find a large inventory of go-kart wheels on eBay. Get ready to win the next race using the best wheels for your go-kart.