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About Gnome Costumes

Dress up as Gnomeo and Juliet for your next costume party with fun and colorful gnome costumes. Although today, gnomes are most known for lurking in kitschy gardens or traveling the world for a well-known discount travel site, mention of a gnome, or small spirit, first occurred in the 16th century. The garden gnome, who typically wears a pointed hat, first appeared in Germany in the 19th century as ornamentation for lawns and gardens. You can find a wide range of gnome costumes from which to choose, including both adult and kids' sizes, so you can dress as a lone gnome or dress up the entire family as a gnome family. If you are looking for gnome costumes, you can find a large inventory on eBay, so be sure to check out the selection and choose the right gnome costume for each member of your family. Garden gnomes are typically depicted doing specific activities, such as fishing or smoking a pipe, so keep this in mind when shopping for accessories for your costume. Make sure your outfit includes a pointed hat for an authentic gnome costume.