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About GMC Safari

The first GMC Safari ads from 1985 proudly proclaimed that it would "make you realize that life is too big for a minivan." A full-size van, the Safari actually shares the same chassis with the Chevrolet S-10, a pickup truck manufactured by GM. This lengthy chassis allows the van to transport up to eight passengers, but the GMC Safari van comes in many modified versions customized to the owner's needs. Some double as work vans with a rear compartment full of tools, and others operate as delivery vans. Some even have the V6 engine replaced with a V8, and there is a thriving community of van modifiers on eBay constantly looking for GMC Safari parts in order to customize their van to meet their needs. Although the GMC Safari comes mainly with rear-wheel drive, there is also an all-wheel drive version, which is popular among drivers who use the Safari as a camping vehicle. For work or for play, the Safari more than pulls its weight.