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About Glow Plugs

Bruce Springsteen sang, "You can't start a fire without a spark," and a glow plug provides just the spark to start the fire that powers your nitro RC vehicle's engine. Okay… it's not exactly a spark, but the principle is the same as in a full-size vehicle's combustion engine. Nitro fuel and air meet, and the metal coil in that little plug heats up by conducting electricity. This heat is then transferred to the fuel/air mixture to create combustion, and BOOM! Your nitro RC car is able to zip down the street and your nitro RC plane is now able flight. When it's time to play mechanic, you have to know where the glow plug is and what it does so that you can replace this critical part as needed, not to mention that to even operate a nitro RC vehicle, you also need a glow plug igniter to heat the plug so that it can initiate combustion. In order to keep your RC vehicle's nitro engine running, get all of the new nitro glow plug and accessories you need on eBay, because without these, the miracle of combustion just isn't possible.