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About Glass Turtles

A glass turtle is a fun collectible for two types of collectors: those who enjoy glass merchandise, and fans of turtles. The glass itself is usually visually interesting, regardless of its shape; the turtle shape makes it even more fun. A glass turtle paperweight puts a spin on the classic desktop accessory, adding head, tail and feet to a standard rounded paperweight shape. Some of these feature clear shells with millefiore inside, making them quite stunning. Others are completely clear or clear with bubbles inside, reminiscent of a fizzy drink, or made from colors such as a frosted cobalt blue glass. A glass turtle dish is a perfect gift for yourself or a turtle lover you know. The top of the turtle shell lifts up to reveal a storage area inside, perfect for candy, paper clips or spare change. No matter what size or type of glass turtle you like best, reliable sellers on eBay have quite the selection, from simple pieces on up to complex handmade works of art that look almost like actual turtles.