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About Glass Stoppers

You hear the doorbell and answer the door to welcome your guests in to have a few drinks with you. You open a crystal decanter to pour your favorite drink when you notice a crack in the glass stopper you are holding. If you need to replace the stopper, you can find a variety of different styles from classic to whimsical. If you prefer more retro decor, then pick out a vintage glass stopper to top your vase or decanter. There are tons of decorative stoppers as well including flowers, hearts, and human figures. You can also use a glass perfume bottle stopper to top your delicate perfume containers. The specific shape of them allows you to add dabs of the scent to your wrists and neck without overdoing the smell or making it overpowering. Luckily, reliable sellers on eBay a huge selection of glass stoppers, so no matter which type of container you have, you can find a gorgeous glass stopper to decorate it while ensuring it never spills.