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About Glass Snack Sets

You have a nice collection of depression era glassware, but you notice that you are missing some key pieces. One of the things you are missing is a glass snack set, which normally consists of several small trays and drinking glasses. There were many different companies during the era that made glassware as a more affordable alternative to china and porcelain. The most common producer during the time as the Federal Glass Company, so much of what you find will bear their mark. There are clear, iridescent, or milk glass snack sets available for your collection depending on which style you prefer the most. You may notice that as you get into more modern years of the glass snack set productions that there are less Federal pieces. That is because of them going out of business. Indiana glass snack sets take their place due to the company buying up several of the Federal's pattern. No matter what style or brand you are looking for, the reliable sellers on eBay offer a great selection of pieces to choose from.

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