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About Glass Pendant

Lightning strikes the sand on a beach far, far away, and before the sand has time to cool off, it is collected and turned into the most beautiful glass pendant you have ever seen. Find your special glass pendant in a variety of factory and hand made glass pendants that are the perfect accessory to add a touch of spice to your casual wear, and just the right amount of bling to your dressy attires. Discover a Murano glass pendant with marbled colors and an array of designs like birds, hearts, stars, flowers, and more. Select a Dichroic glass pendant lot with explosions of metallic tints inlaid in new or like new pendants you can slip onto your favorite chain and wear around your neck every day of the week. Check out sterling silver embellishments or rhinestone details that really make these pieces of art pop. When you shop the selection from trusted sellers on eBay you will receive your purchases through their reliable shipping services, on time and straight to your door for your added convenience.