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About Glass Jars

After a summer of ideal growing conditions, you are overwhelmed with tomatoes, peas, beans, and other vegetables from your garden. It is time to get out the old-fashioned glass jars and prepare the food for winter. If you have never canned food before, and do not have any supplies, search eBay for a glass jar lot. Lots vary in size, but you could get all the glass jars you need from one seller. To make your life easy, ensure that the jars come with the lids and rubber sealing rings. If the lot just includes the glass canning jars themselves, you need to find the correct size lids and rings elsewhere. On eBay, you can easily find both new and used glass jars. Search for Ball or Mason jars if you want a brand name, but do not limit yourself to new jars. You can sterilize used jars. And if you are willing to buy used jars, you can increase the amount of money you are saving with your vegetable garden.