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About Glass Insulators

Whether you see them half empty or half full, glass insulators make wonderful home additions. They first appeared on telephone poles and wires in the 1920s, transmitting phone and telegraph messages. Although insulators no longer perform active duty, you can let them enjoy a luxurious retired life in your home, serving as elegant decorative accessories on bookshelves, fireplace mantles, and coffee tables. You can find glass insulators in many materials, such as porcelain and glasses of varying transparencies and thicknesses. Some insulators come in thin, sturdy glass, producing a shiny, see-through image and offering a light weight. Heavy-duty insulators come in opaque and smoky glass, with smooth surfaces resembling sea glass. With their beauty and charm, these insulators age gracefully. Collectors cherish them for their stunning colors, which range from clear to pearly white, amber, baby blue, violet, and dark green. Insulators in darker colors are more rare and valuable, as they contain pure glass, while objects in lighter shades derive from bases with mixed ingredients, such as iron and other minerals. You can search for these beautiful decorations easily, thanks to the large inventory on eBay. Choose your ornament by brand, like Hemingray, or by color, age, and price. To keep your new acquisitions looking their best, consider getting special polishes, which you simply apply to the outer surfaces, giving insulators shine and preventing fading.