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About Glass Eggs

As you enter your living room, your gaze falls on the many glass eggs that you have collected over the years. Your favorite glass egg is the beautiful milk glass egg given to you by your husband for your tenth anniversary. It is a beautiful antique glass egg in the Blackberry pattern by Hobbs Brockunier, circa about 1870. Lying next to it on the shelf is a beautiful early McKee script signature egg that your mother gave you when you gave birth to her first granddaughter. At the end of your shelf is the beautiful Atterbury glass egg. On the shelf under these special eggs are your newer eggs, including eggs from Westmoreland, Kemple, L. G. Wright, Degenhart, Fenton, Boyd, and others. You are so glad that you have a few minutes now to shop the reputable sellers on eBay who offer many different eggs. Many of these sellers even offer convenient shipping methods. After all, choosing a special glass egg for Christmas might encourage someone to buy one for you next year.

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