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About Glass Coffee Tables

They once seated Louis XVI and Victorian British kings and queens; now you can carry on the royal tradition with a glass coffee table of your own. You can find one in a long, low, rectangular design, shaped just like coffee tables decorating the palaces of British royalty in centuries past. These tables make great additions to larger living spaces such as dining rooms, porches, and living rooms. Following early customs, you can decorate your table with books, such as large illustrated ones, magazines, and of course, coffee. For a smaller space, consider a round glass coffee table. The smaller size and round shape date back to imperial Japan. Japanese emperors needed their coffee in the morning; small tables fit nicely outside in their small gardens. On eBay, you can look for a new or used glass coffee table to gather your friends around. Here you can search for all kinds of tables, including round and rectangular. You can browse by color too, such as black, and look for a table with a sleek, contemporary design or vintage look. After selecting, simply order and choose a convenient shipping method.