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About Glass Buttons

Buttons are incredibly versatile since they can be highly collectible, they can be used to teach kids how to count, and they can, of course, be used again and again on clothing items. Glass buttons, in particular, are fun to collect because they are available in so many different designs. Some buttons made from glass are designed to look like other materials, such as bone, while others are meant to be as decorative as possible. Czech glass buttons, for example, are often hand-stamped and painted with bright colors. Often these buttons are pressed in vintage molds, since glass has been a staple product of that part of the world for hundreds of years. Vintage glass buttons are also exciting to find, as they are often quite decorative. No matter what your purpose, there are many reliable sellers on eBay specializing in glass buttons. You can find just what you need for a project, or just to add to your collection.