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About Glass Boots

Legend has it that over a century ago, a Prussian general inspired his troops to win a tough battle by making a special promise: to drink beer out of a boot when they returned victorious. His troops won the battle, but instead of pouring beer into his own leather boots, he asked a glassmaker to make him a glass boot so that he could find a more appetizing way to keep his promise to his troops. Since then, drinking beer out of a German glass boot is popular not just in Germany, but all around the world. The German tradition spread to America, where the quirky glasses took on a more Western appearance as they morphed into glass cowboy boots. Regardless of what type of glass boot you want to drink your beer out of, eBay’s reliable sellers may have it. And as you fill up your special glass shaped like a boot, take a moment to cheers the Prussian general who was able to win a monumental battle without having to drink beer out of a dirty boot.