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About Glass Beads

Want a look that goes past vintage, straight to timeless? Glass beads are the way to go. From the pharaoh to Hollywood starlets, these pretty pieces of glass have been shaped into almost anything you can imagine. It’s easy to keep your fingers busy with projects like coasters, gleaming lampshades, and tree ornaments that really pop, all made from your favorite glass beads. If you’re a fan of the intricate, patterning, or looking to jazz up your needlework, then glass seed beads might be up your alley. Make your favorite outfit really shine without having to head to a diamond shop, thanks to a great glass bead necklace. Pick yourself up a selection of glass beads, new or vintage, from eBay’s reliable sellers, and you can design your own piece in a snap. You’ll finally be able to have jewelry that you can guarantee no one else at the party is wearing.