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About Gladiator Sandals

Maybe you do not plan on fighting for the glory of the emperor on the sands of the Coliseum any time soon, but that does not mean you have to sacrifice primo Roman fashion. Gladiator sandals feature slim, flat soles and thong-style leather straps that either anchor between the first two toes or fasten around the ankles. Knee-high gladiator sandals include a very intricate series of straps that twist around the legs all the way up to the knees, just as the name suggests. Flat gladiator sandals typically evoke an air of casual style combined with a bit of Roman glory in their simple design. They are easy and comfortable to wear for long periods as long as you dedicate some time to properly fitting them to the size and shape of your legs. The somewhat fanciful look is suitable for a day on the boardwalk or on an informal date. You can find gladiator sandals on eBay, where the qualified sellers offer a wide array of footwear for all seasons and occasions along with reasonable shipping options.