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About Gladiator Costumes

The sand and dust unsettled, you rub at your sweaty eyes and squint at the growling lion poised for attack. This is not ancient Roman warfare; you are in the sandbox wearing the best of the gladiator costumes and your pet cat is ready to attack. You are ready for Halloween, and ready for battle. The gladiator costumes on eBay are available in sturdy styles, with shoulder straps and hardened plastic, or in softer lingerie material for seductive women's gladiator Halloween costumes. Many of the options are realistic accessories, such as shields and swords. The men's gladiator Halloween costumes can come equipped with leg covers, armor, a helmet, or a billowing cape. Shop the creative inventory of experienced and reliable sellers who offer a variety of convenient and affordable shipping options, and celebrate the ancient and glory-filled tradition of looking tough and kicking butt. Whether you choose to don your costume during the Halloween season or to invigorate a normal day, become a gladiator with pride.