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About Givenchy Perfume

Finding the right scent — the one that earns compliment after compliment, the one that strangers just cannot seem to be able to forget — feels like winning the lottery. Givenchy perfume is the choice of many for captivating, unique fragrances. Organza perfume by Givenchy, introduced in 1997, is a lively women's floral scent with honeysuckle, iris, and gardenia at the forefront, and amber and vanilla in the background. It is a perfect contender to be your everyday go-to. For nighttime, choose Ange Ou Demon, a play on duality with sensuous notes of orchid, safran, and ylang ylang, with just a hint of woodsy pallisander and oak. The freshness of thyme, fleur de lys, and tonka bean round out this alluring scent. Gentlemen find plenty of options in Givenchy's line as well. Men's Givenchy Pi perfume, introduced in 1998, evokes masculine sensuality with basil, rosemary, tarragon, resin, and pine. This cologne is as warm and inviting as it is mysterious and intense. Browse the vast inventory on eBay to find your favorite Givenchy perfume, and leave a trail of admiring glances wherever you go.