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About Gintamas

After visiting your local bookstore, you are saddened to discover that the stories you used to like no longer have the same allure. Maybe you need to spice up your reading life by checking out the Gintama manga series. Gintama boasts an exciting storyline that pits aliens against samurai, resulting in intense action and excitement. Seamlessly blending elements of comedy with science fiction, this cross-genre manga has also been adapted into an anime series. Whether you are interested in the manga or anime series, you can find both on eBay, available from many reliable sellers. If you want to dive in head first, pick up the first issue of the manga series or a Gintama DVD that contains some of the first episodes. Then you can relax in your favorite chair and find out whether the samurais are able to resist an alien invasion that threatens to engulf the entire world.