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About Gingham Curtains

If you’re of a certain age, you can doubtless remember that in "The Wizard of Oz," Dorothy wears a blue gingham dress; it’s movie shorthand for "I’m a farm girl from Kansas." Gingham curtains impart the same homey, country feeling to your kitchen or bedrooms. They may put you in mind of that quaint restaurant in the seaside resort town. You might say that’s restaurant shorthand for "just like Mom used to make." Gingham was originally a name for a method of weaving a sturdy, utilitarian fabric. Gingham (or muslin) is used in the dress design process for preliminary mock-ups before actually using the expensive fabrics. Therefore, gingham doesn’t necessarily mean a plaid check pattern, but that’s what comes to mind nowadays. You can find many colors of gingham curtains on eBay including complete window treatments for the kitchen window or long gingham curtain panels for a girl’s bedroom. Creative flourishes like solid color button tabs for the curtains to hang from or a crochet frill at the bottom are additional notes to consider. Whether you’re rethinking your kitchen or decorating an entire bed-and-breakfast, gingham adds just the right note of hominess.

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