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About Gillette Sensor Excel

Think about how many razors you have thrown away over the years, disgusted because they barely did the job and left your face feeling like rough-grit sandpaper. Now say goodbye to poor razors and hello to a smooth shave with the Gillette Sensor Excel. This razor is not only made by one of the most trusted names in shaving, but reliable sellers on eBay also have a large inventory of Excels so you can get smooth fast. Excel razor blades feature a self-adjusting twin blade system to remove hair closer and more smoothly than single-blade razors. Microfins protect your face from nicks and cuts, and the comfort-grip handle helps ensure it stays firmly in your hand. The Excel makes it easy to contour and style goatees, beards, and mustaches to suit the shape of your face and leave your skin feeling like a baby's. Gently remove old skin and stubble, leaving a clean shave that makes you look younger. Get the look you want with more comfort and in less time with the Gillette Sensor Excel.