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About Gillette Safety Razors

You appreciate a close, clean shave, but are tired of how often you get nicks, bumps, and razor burn from low-quality razors. A Gillette safety razor offers an old-fashioned shave that often provides far better results than disposable types. These classic metal razors consist of a single blade with two sharp sides in contrast to the multi-blade razor cartridges commonly found in drugstores. They get their name from their design; only the blade's edge is exposed, preventing accidental nicks and cuts. Many people find that the safety blade offers a better shave and is less irritating. The dual edges on models such as the Gillette adjustable double-edge safety razor move freely and easily to allow a close shave. These safety razors with metal handles are incredibly durable, and you can hand them down for generations, making them a worthy investment. They also give shaving a stylish name, with models such as the vintage gold Gillette safety razor giving a classy, elegant look to the act of grooming. Browse the large selection of Gillette safety razors available on eBay and bid farewell to sub-par shaving.