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About Gillette Blades

There is something about a clean-shaven man. Get a clean, close shave with Gillette blades. Using special technology, Gillette razors leave your face smooth while protecting you from nicks and cuts. Gillette Fusion blades have thin, fine blades that minimize tugging. With its exclusive microcomb, the Fusion lifts the stubble so the blades can make a clean cut. Use the precision trimmer to shave in delicate spots like under your nose. Anti-clogging rinse slots make cleaning the razor simple. Gillette Mach 3 blades feature three blades with high-definition edges and a front pivoting head that helps the razor maneuver around your face. The included lubrication strip fades to white to indicate when you need a new razor and the spring-mounted blades adjust to pressure and skin variations leaving your skin smooth. Exchangeable cartridges mean you can just swap the blades out for new ones when they get dull. Find a large inventory of Gillette blades on eBay. Go ahead, get in close, it will not hurt.