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About Gigi Wax

Every so often, a girl deserves a little personal indulgence. Pamper yourself with Gigi wax products, such as a few packets of scented Gigi paraffin wax. The Gigi wax warmer allows you to dip your hands for a few minutes, and then enjoy the luxurious feeling as they emerge much softer and more relaxed. Should you need to remove unwanted hair, purchase some Gigi Honee Wax, which is completely natural and treats your skin as gently as possible. For a tougher approach, try the Gigi Hard Wax, available from reliable eBay sellers as an all-purpose wax, a Brazilian Body hard wax, a floral hard wax, or a Pore Refining Facial wax. Like other Gigi products, the hard waxes incorporate honey as a primary ingredient, as well as other natural elements that yield a creamy texture. With Gigi wax for hair removal, you can groom and pamper yourself whenever you need a night of relaxation.