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About Gibson Tuners

You love both your Gibson SG and Les Paul guitars, but lately they have been giving you fits in the tuning department. Maybe it is time for a new set of Gibson tuners. Both Gibson SG tuners and Gibson Les Paul tuners are available from a variety of sellers on eBay. For the nostalgia lovers looking for Gibson SG tuners, you can find the Gibson Vintage 3x3 gold and pearloid button tuners. These Kluson-style tuners feature gold closed-gear backs and posts with a pearloid keystone button on each tuner. If you are looking for more modern features from your Gibson Les Paul tuners, you can find Grover Rotomatic Keystone tuners from the wide variety available on eBay. These nickel tuners offer classic styling with their keystone buttons while giving you modern functionality with their signature Rotomatic design and 14 to 1 gear ratio. You could also make a major upgrade to your Gibson tuners with the Gibson Mini-ETune tuning system. These compact, robot tuners tune your guitar automatically within a matter of seconds. Do you use varied alternate tunings? The Mini-ETune offers presets for twelve alternate tunings such as open E or open G, and you can create up to six alternate tunings to program yourself. Push a button, strum, and watch this tuner work its magic. Different types of Gibson tuners can be found from reliable dealers on eBay to keep you in tune with your tunes.