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About Gibson Melody Maker

The flat, hollow sounds of other guitars might make you tune out quickly, but the beautiful melodies and rich sounds of Gibson melody makers keep your full attention. These guitars come from the iconic guitar company Gibson, an American company have musicians like Sheryl Crow and Joan Jett as fans of the guitar. These instruments first appeared in the late 1950s, taking the shape of acoustic guitars. These instruments feature relatively heavy bodies, deriving from the solid wood of mahogany. Despite adding weight, mahogany reduces vibration, which produces a clear, crisp sound. Rosewood fretboards make beautiful additions with naturally dark colors and a similar texture to mahogany, which ultimately improves sound. Gibson melody makers feature pickups with one or two single coils. Wraparound tailpieces comprise their bridges, and set neck joints finish the look. Gibson vintage melody makers, dating from the 1950s through the early 1960s have cutaway body styles, with shapes of single slabs while the mid-1960s brought a revision to the body layout, with a double cutaway and addition of prominent horns. On eBay, a large inventory lets you search for all kinds of Gibson guitars. Here, you can search for a traditional acoustic version, or look for Gibson electric melody makers instead, preferring to rock out with your new instrument. You can look for specific models, too, and search for popular lines and limited editions.

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