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About Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

If you are just learning the guitar, perhaps no instrument inspires you more than the Gibson Les Paul Goldtop. As you begin strumming, you can imagine legendary guitarist Les Paul learning his first guitar songs, just like you. This guitar comes from Gibson Guitar Corporation and its production dates back to 1952. This guitar features a solid wood body. Most models derive from mahogany and sometimes have a thin layer of maple over the top. Mahogany provides a deep, rich amber color, while maple provides lighter tones. Both woods feature heavy weights for their sizes. In the guitar, this combination translates to more weight, but a clear and crisp sound too, as the extra weight reduces vibrations. Some models derive from swamp ash, but that wood is rare. The fret boards of these instruments come in rosewood, ebony, or maple, depending on the model and year of production. You can find a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop in various types of materials, but all feature beautiful decorative finishes along the top deriving from gold. On eBay, you can browse a large inventory for the right guitar, such as a beginner model, like the Gibson Les Paul standard Goldtop. You can browse by year too, like the Gibson Les Paul 1952 Goldtop.

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