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About Gibson Flying V

Take the stage, and conjure rock gods like Marc Bolan of T. Rex or Paul Stanley of K.I.S.S. The Gibson Flying V is a hot guitar with a futuristic look that found many fans in the glam rock era of the 1970s and the hair metal days of the 1980s. Other iconic players, such as Jimi Hendrix and Keith Richards, have also dabbled with the Flying V's stage-worthy look. Instead of an hourglass shape, the guitar body has a "V" shaped design and a powerful electric sound. The Gibson Flying V has a solid mahogany body with a slender, lightweight silhouette for extra playing comfort, and it is outfitted with high-quality pickups and controls. You can find signature models designed for famous players like Grace Potter, as well as custom Gibson Flying Vs with bespoke inlays, paint colors, and pickups. You can also find a wide variety of special-edition models and vintage reissues, such as the Flying V History. Whether you take the stage every weekend or you just want to rock out in your garage, you can find a vast inventory of Flying V guitars on eBay. Check out the selection of accessories, such as pickguards and specially shaped Gibson Flying V cases.

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