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About Giants Bobblehead

San Francisco Giants fans are a loyal bunch, collecting memorabilia such as Giants bobbleheads. The team struck gold with its giveaways, with lines of fans wrapping around the stadium to claim these hugely popular souvenirs, especially after the team's World Series wins. After a long-awaited 2010 win, Giants fans were rewarded with a repeat performance in 2012, with a four-game sweep of the heavily favored Detroit Tigers. That season, the team gave away 2012 Giants bobbleheads of Sergio Romo, Madison Bumgarner, and World Series MVP Pablo Sandoval. Key players from that team include National League MVP Buster Posey, NLCS MVP Marco Scutaro, and Matt Cain, who threw the first perfect game in the team's 130-year history. Fans can browse eBay for its large selection of Giants bobbleheads of those players, as well as vintage Giants bobbleheads of Hall of Fame stars such as Willie Mays. The team's bobblehead designs go beyond the standard standing player. Consumers can select pitchers in the windup, fielders throwing or catching the ball, and batters at the plate. Other bobbleheads include the team's broadcaster at the mic, the team's mascot Lou Seal in various costumes, and special event items featuring Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and even Bruce Lee.

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