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About Ghost Riders

In the middle of the night, a motorcyclist bursts into flames, his normal visage replaced by that of a burning skull. This is Johnny Blaze, the original Ghost Rider, a man who sold his soul to Satan in exchange for the protection of his girlfriend and a chance for revenge. Possessed by the spirit of Zarathos, Johnny’s motorcycle is faster than ordinary motorcycles and can drive up vertical walls. At times Johnny rides a motorcycle fashioned of pure hellfire. In the Ghost Rider comics, Johnny Blaze is but the first to ride the possessed motorcycle. While it may seem as if a man who sold his soul to the devil and rides around on a possessed motorcycle is one of the villains, Ghost Rider protects the innocent. He releases his hellfire, which burns the soul without leaving a mark on the body, on enemies and the unjust. Children and collectors alike will enjoy recreating their favorite scenes from the comic books and the movies with new and pre-loved Ghost Rider toys available from sellers on eBay.