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About Ghost Masks

As you get ready to go out for your morning run, you cringe at the thought of the frigid morning air beating against your face. A ghost mask is a unique way to keep your face warm while showing off your personal sense of style. Depending on the mask's design, you can also protect parts of your head, neck, and ears. A ghost ski mask covers all of your head, neck, and face, leaving a hole for the eyes and possibly the mouth. Balaclava masks cover the mouth as well, so the eyes are the only exposed feature. The vast inventory on eBay includes an assortment of ghost masks in different fabrics such as wool, cotton, and spandex. Wool is terrific for the chilliest environments, while cotton offers a bit of breathability if you tend to overheat easily. A "Call of Duty" ghost mask is a good choice for individuals who enjoy gaming. These masks are inspired by characters from the popular video game series. When dressing for cold temperatures, do not feel as if you need to bury your personality in order to keep warm. A ghost mask is an ideal piece for expressing yourself as you keep your face snug and toasty.