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About German Motorcycle Helmet

Whether channeling a malevolent James Bond villain or a gritty member of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle gang, some men evoke a tough and gutsy alter ego in the time it takes to don a German motorcycle helmet. These "half" helmets are lighter than full helmets, and they offer better hearing, which is important when planning evil schemes or conducting gang-related business on the road. With an open front, a German style motorcycle helmet also keeps a rider cool with a steady, full-frontal breeze. The exterior of the helmet features an aerodynamic shape that slices through the air and lessens neck strain that can accompany a long ride. Bikers purchasing a German motorcycle helmet should consider whether it complies with Department of Transportation standards for safety. Fortunately, male and female shoppers find a host of compliant helmets when perusing the large inventory on eBay. While many riders lean toward a basic black helmet, others opt for a product in bright chrome or a favorite color. Featuring one or a full strip of points, a German spiked motorcycle helmet displays an ultra-sinister appearance that may entice others on the road to keep their distance.