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About German Army

War historians, Teutonophiles, and fashion eccentrics all have one thing in common: They will surely battle one another over the extensive selection of German Army apparel, accessories, and memorabilia offered by the reliable sellers on eBay. Not every German Army jacket is meant to be worn by a mannequin behind museum glass; get one for yourself. Whether you want to put it on display in your own home or wear it with your boots and distressed jeans, pick one out to suit your style and purpose. Choose a vintage Germany Army field jacket or a panzer jacket, with German flag patches on both shoulders; a World War II era German Army tunic jacket; or a genuine German Army cold weather NATO parka. Build your collection with a variety of West German Army memorabilia, like an original West German Army Panzer Division beret insignia pin; a genuine West German paratrooper's helmet; or a genuine West German military cap, circa 1971. Snag all of this plus photographs, duffel bags, mess kits, and many more pieces reminiscent of world history.