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About Gerald Genta Watches

Watchmakers Bvlgari, Omega, and Patek Philippe can thank just one person for creating some of their iconic timepieces. Gerald Genta watches come from the Swiss designer that influenced the world of timekeeping forever. His designs became hallmarks of the respective brands, such as the Bvlgari chronograph, inspired by the effigy of an emperor on an ancient Roman coin. The watch bezel features two engravings of the Bvlgari name and the cylindrical case borrows its shape from the columns of Roman temples. The retro version started out with a quartz movement, but modern models are mechanical. Another one of Genta's designs forms part of the Omega Constellation line. These women's and men's watches come in a range of styles from dramatic to understated. Genta also worked with the Sterns, owners of Patek Philippe, to create the Nautilus in homage to the family's love of yachting. The sports watch has a bezel that resembles a porthole. There are also vintage timepieces available from Gerald Genta's watchmaking line. If you want to own some of the most classic designs in watchmaking history, search the large inventory on eBay for Gerald Genta watches.