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About Genuine Leather Wallets

Probably the most underrated accessory in your arsenal, yet the most useful–a wallet is a wonderful thing. Get a genuine leather wallet to ensure it withstands all the manhandling it will experience as you tug it out of your back pocket or pluck daintily from your purse on a date, grab thoughtlessly in your rush to get the right change for your daily commute and snatch away from your light-fingered children who’re after a rise in their personal allowance. Buy it as a gift for your man (you can’t go wrong with a black genuine leather wallet), or perhaps you’re looking at buying for yourself–in which case, can we tempt you with something a little more opulent and extravagant? Yes? Then ditch the leather and look out for a genuine crocodile wallet or one with snakeskin from any of eBay’s reliable sellers–others will genuinely whine in envy–just tell them to get their own!