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About Gentle Leaders

You love your dog, but when it comes time to take him for a walk, you are not sure if you are leading him or he is leading you. You and man's best friend need to come to terms, and the Gentle Leader can help you do just that. Your dog is only behaving this way because he can. When he was a puppy, everything he did was cute, but now that he is full grown it is up to you to do the leading. The Gentle Leader harness supports his frame without limiting his movement, putting you back in the driver's seat. For the smaller dog, you can find a Gentle Leader dog collar. It works in the same manner, giving you the ability to control your pet and allowing the both of you to have an enjoyable walk together. With the many reliable sellers on eBay and their large inventories, you can have the Gentle Leader shipped to your front door, enabling you to show off your dog's newfound obedience.